Creative Design and Production for the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry. Anything that has to do with Art, Design or Media.  Basically we can create your logo, put your logo on anything you can imagine, build a website to sell all types of stuff with your logo on it, tell headz about it and make sure you look good in your shop and at events while doing it all.  The only thing you have to do is go to work and promote your business like you already do.






From business cards to billboards and everything in between.  When it comes to print we have a "graffiti" mentality.  Bomb the System!!!  Any surface can be printed on with any ink with any message.  The invention of the printing press revolutionized the world and continues to do so.  Even in a time of digital banners and flyers there is still nothing like a physical colorful cool design to make a mark.


Digital is the new dope.  An entire generation hooked and forever changing the way we interact with media and each other.  Never before such potential to make something from nothing and spread it all over the world from your couch.  True. But the digital world still reflects the "real" world we live in.  In real life, people who talk all the time and say the same shit are just annoying.  Same thing in the digital world. The people you want to listen to are the people who have something cool to say and they might even listen to you too.  Everybody is connected with a  cool device but not everybody has cool content.  You need cool content if you want to be cool.


People who TALK alot make hot air.  People who DO alot make products.  Your products define who you are and what you do to the general public.  You hear it on the news and read it in the paper.  "Those dispensaries are just fronts for drug dealers.  The Feds are still gonna come and shut them down."  If all you do is grow weed then open your doors and sell it they might be right.  If you want to be seen and treated as more than  a drug dealer you have to do more than a drug dealer.  Expand your product line in directions that redefine who you are and what you do.  Besides, there are ALOT of products that you can add to your brand that don't take hella-electricity, perfect conditions, expert staffing and three months to grow.  Oh yeah, they don't dry out and go stale either.


At the end of the day headz are what make the world go 'round.  Success is based off of having valuable connections with your headz.  The nature of headz is they wander around and explore and check places out. They remember and talk about places.  They either talk about how cool they were or how shitty they were.  They don't really talk about the places in between.  You want headz to talk about you.  But in the good way.  You want your shop to be the cool place.  You want your booth to be the cool booth to check out at events.  You want your name to ring "cool" wherever you're at.



Ever been caught out there when you had a joint you waited all day to smoke but you went for your lighter and somebody stole it.  No flame for the fire! That's kind of what it can be like if you have one of the above elements without the others in place.  If you want headz to love who you are you have to show them who you are and make it real.  Not just a blueprint "strategy" that everybody does.  Something unique that fits only you and your vision.  For it all to "come together" it actually has to come together and be put on parade as one grand campaign.


BOMBAZEE iz for headz by headz.  BOMBAZEE iz not people from industry trying to capitalize on the culture.  BOMBAZEE iz people from the culture claiming our place in this jungle which has become the MMJ industry.  BOMBAZEE works by the old school code.  Your Word is your Bond.  Don't f*ck anybody over because Word will get around.  And most important, just be cool to people and people will be cool to you.  BOMBAZEE sees money as only one of many mediums of exchange.  BOMBAZEE can trade goods or services as well as collaborate on cool stuff.  BOMBAZEE can make money stretch far.  Whatever your budget, BOMBAZEE can find a solution.  BOMBAZEE has style.  BOMBAZEE is solid. BOMBAZEE is just cool to work with.  



WHAT's FIRE Riiight NOW?